benefits of being a bookworm



Have you always been overwhelmed by reading books? Reading a book, in a way, makes you a part of the world. Through books, you can persistently learn and understand other people’s outlook and opinions, which can help you function in the reality. It materializes and has an intense effect on mental agility, the memory and our skill for imagination and compassion. Reading books can help ease the stress and aid sleep. In today’s modern world filled with smartphones and social media, most people don’t feel like sit longer and read a book, as it requires a lot of concentration. There are many benefits of being a bookworm. It is not only enjoyable but also has many health benefits.

Reading book is the ideal way to relax...

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communicating with your professor during office hours


College of Law students

The college is all about learning and growth. Professors play a significant role in the success of your academic life. Making a healthy relationship with your professors can help you keep your GPA up and better understanding your course material. Talking to your teacher is an essential part of a student’s life and if you haven’t spoken to your professor yet, and you must start now!

Having a real-time discussion with your teacher is vital for so many reasons. If you don’t understand any material, you don’t waste your time struggling with it and can straight up ask your professor about it.  You can get the extra information about the course that is not in the syllabus.  You start to feel more confident in your academic environment.

While talking to your professor, you should ...

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how to stop procrastination



The procrastination is when you are delaying your important work and taking more interest in doing something that is more enjoyable or comfortable for you, like checking emails, watching videos, social media, listening music or surfing blogs.
Are you putting off your important tasks again and again, then don’t stress you are not alone in this. Most of the people procrastinate at some point. According to the psychologist, procrastination happens when there is a temporal gap between the enacted behaviour and intended behaviour. It means when people take certain time between when they intend to do a job and when they do it. They keep delaying things, hide from the work, face their job unless it’s unavoidable and repeat this loop all over again...

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how to fight Senioritis



The Senioritis is the incapacitating disease that strikes high school and graduate seniors. As the last months of high school or college approaches, students start to lose focus on their academic performance.  If you are feeling demotivated, weariness and carelessness towards your studies, then don’t stress. It is very common to go through senioritis at the end of the year. The students start to lose interest in the classes, so they use excuses like finding jobs, extracurricular activities and friends to escape the schoolwork.

The pressure to succeed in the class and planning for the life after studies can be overwhelming. Don’t let the senioritis get the best of you and work hard to meet your academic commitment...

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How to defense your Dissertation


defense dissertation

When you are doing your doctorate, you have to write a dissertation. Once the college committee has accepted your dissertation, you have to defend your thesis in front of them. Questions will be asked regarding your research and the results you mention in your essay. When you convince your committee about your thesis, then you pass and get your doctorate. Defending your thesis is concluding four years of study into one day. A Ph.D. defense is a vital ceremony.  The dissertation defense can be categorized into three parts: the preparation, the defense and the follow-up.


For your defense meeting, you have to prepare a presentation of 15-30 minutes long. You can present your study through PowerPoint Presentation...

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Clearing your college interview



Some of the universities conduct interviews for the admission as a part of the college application process. It is a great opportunity for the student to meet the representative of the college and show their interest, build a relationship with the people there and show the unique personality characteristic they can bring to the campus. For some students, it is a big task to perform and excel in the interview to get admission into their desired college.

In the process, you will get to talk one-on-one with the interviewer. You can also ask the questions, which will show your interests in the college. Here are some tips, how to pass your college interview actually:


The first impression is the last impression. This phrase, especially applies to the college interviews...

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Writing your Biotechnology Assignment



The study of biotechnology is the combination of biological science and technology, which includes the technical execution of biological principles. When the elementary biological science and the principles of engineering come together, it becomes affiliated and create the base of biotechnology. It is the technical application of living organisms to originate useful products. To modify plants and convert food sources, humans have been using biotechnology unwittingly. Different crops were utilised by the early agriculturalists that would combat the attack of pests and insects. The study of biotechnology comprises of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemical Nutrition, Application of Biotechnology, Organisms, Bi-molecular, etc...

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How to write Biology Assignment



Biology can be very challenging and is a vast subject, includes the study of life and living organism, evolution, and distribution, such as different species, plants, animals, insects, and algae. Biology is more of a practical rather than theoretically based assignments, as it is more related to practical research about the living organism’s cell, cell transformations, and other areas. Biology requires lots of dedication and discipline. When is comes to write a biology assignment, it is comprised of lots of research and writing. Students must have a sound knowledge of the subject and topic. Good writing skills can improve your work and help you earn good grades. There are some basic guidelines, to complete your biology assignment on time and efficiently.

Be Precise and Credible
For bio...

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Rise of Mental Health in college students: symptoms and treatment



According to Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, expectations, stress and social media are putting lots of pressure on the college student’s life, rising with the severe problem of mental health.  One of five students is diagnosed with this illness, out of which 40% students are left untreated. The university and college counselling centers reporting more students seeking help for severing psychological problems, rather than development and informational needs. The students feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities and struggle in the college. The most common mental disorders are anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, eating disorders and addiction.

In this forum, we will discuss the mental health ailments, their symptoms, and possible treatments...

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PhD Dissertation process



A Ph.D. is a doctoral degree, known as “Doctor of Philosophy” degree. Ph.D. is not done particularly in philosophy (unless they select philosophy as their subject in Ph.D.). It involves problems, reason and solution for the problems, thought experiments.
A dissertation is an important part of the doctoral study. It is the last stage required in completing a Ph.D. or any other doctoral degree. A Doctoral’s degree is an advanced degree, which takes more time and dedication. It takes four to eight years of study to complete a doctoral degree, depending on the field of the student.
The Dissertation is an independent research work to promote the new ideas and knowledge in your area and should of publishable quality...

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