What is an Adrenaline Rush


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Epinephrine or adrenaline is an anxiety hormone produced by the adrenal glands present in the kidneys. It plays a significant part in arranging the body for the acute stress response in intimidating environments. An adrenaline rush is an unexpected increase in the discharge of adrenaline from the adrenal glands. This occurs when the mind communicates to the glands that there will be a requirement for a fight-or-flight reaction. The grounds of an adrenaline rush need not be a particular physical risk, but can also be a fictional threat, vigorous exercise, cardiac arrest, prolonged stress, fretfulness or a disorder of the intellect or adrenal glands.

When you recognize something as intimidating or thrilling, the hypothalamus in mind indicates to the adrenal glands that now it should produc...

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Things to keep in mind while talking to your teachers


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The student-teacher relationship has evolved with time. Earlier, teachers were given the place of God, and a poet of Indian origin, Kabir Das has placed the teacher higher than the God as the former has shown the ways to students toward the God. Good teachers are the ones who made the lives of their students and transform them into better citizens. The contribution of teachers in the development of their students cannot be neglected at any cost as they not only teach formal education but set examples for their students to follow.

Nowadays, the relationship between students and teachers has become more friendly as students feel comforted in the company of their teachers and do not shy away sharing their thoughts with their teachers...

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Is highlighting text a good way of studying


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You must have heard your teachers and parents asking you to highlight important paragraphs and sentences so that you can take a glance at them before your exams and this way it will be easier to recall the core theme of a chapter/topic. Many of us have used this technique and swear by the credibility of the same. I, find this method very efficient and time-saving. One day before the exams it is not possible for students to read the entire chapter, as the time is limited. Therefore a little bit of extra effort at the time of first reading can prove to be helpful at the time of exams. Today, I have researched and found the significance of highlighting main points that will do wonders for you during a critical period of examinations...

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Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay


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We all have written and have to write a lot of argumentative essays in schools and colleges. For some students, the word argument may have negative connotations, and they presume they have to write a negative article. Those who are not literary buffs fail to understand the real meaning of an argumentative essay and end up jeopardizing their paper altogether. Make My Assignments is an online service provider, where a team of expert professionals offers their assistance to students to write their assignments. For any project, essay, dissertation, thesis, etc. you can contact us at www.makemyassignments.com.

Before sharing the tips to write an argumentative essay, I believe it is my responsibility first to introduce all my readers to this genre of writing...

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How to train your mind for success


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Ever walked into your room and realized that you have forgotten what you need? Or ever been introduced to someone new only to fail to recall their names within minutes?

While you may not be alone, having a sharp memory is a major factor in every walk of life. Students need sharp minds to memorize lessons for examinations; professionals need to remember their daily tasks etc. even though there are several planners, calendar mobile apps and various types of alerts to remind you of the important stuff that needs to be done.  For students, it is also important to remember the deadlines of their projects and the various textbooks to refer while studying, etc.  this will help your brain staying active and at the same time make you less dependent on various external sources...

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Make My Assignments- Always ready to assist you with your college assignments


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Online tutoring has gained prominence over a period. The numbers of service providers who are willing to help you with your college assignments have grown remarkably in the last few years.  Being an online tutor, I feel it is my duty to acquaint you with what exactly we do. Till some time ago, when everything was manual, students have to complete their college assignments by themselves, and even if they take help from others, the sources were not readily available as there were no established channels. Then came digitization happened, which provide a common platform to customers and service providers who can communicate with each other without any barriers.

When people ask about my profession, and I tell them I am an online tutor, most of them do not understand what I mean and what exac...

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Significance of change for students


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Change is something that is inevitable, and each one of us has to accept several different changes during our lifetime, yet we all resist change and try every trick to get away with the change. Nobody like a shift in their routine life and many of us are happy the way things are and are usually scared of the alterations. Changes can have either positive or adverse impact, but avoiding a change just because it may have negative implication is not a great idea. We have been given this life to experience new things, and if we waste this life doing one particular thing, then we may never understand what we like. The time we have here is limited, but there are a lot of stuff to do in this one life...

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Why Students should stay away from anger


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This is one of my favorite topics, and today I have decided to share my views on the negative impacts that anger carries. We experience a lot of feeling in our lifetime, and each of them has particular significance. Love teaches us to sacrifice; hope teaches us to be patient while anger is the most poisonous of all and it never helps us in any way. In fact, anger leads to revenge, which eventually kills the humanity in us.

As we grow and maturity comes, we become more calm and tolerant, but in younger years, when the maturity levels are low, people tend to commit some mistakes out of anger and face the consequences for the rest of their lives.  The adrenaline rush of the young blood sometimes makes them commit unusual things that they might regret later.

You will not be punished for y...

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 Ten inspirational books for every student


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 ‘Never put off till tomorrow the book you can read today.’

– Holbrook Jackson

Students always yearn for becoming rational, and they want to learn as much as they can in their college days, which is a good practice. Enhancing one’s knowledge should always remain the top-most priority of people who want to do something meaningful in their lives. Reading is one such hobby that gets you closer to your dream of becoming an intelligent being. Some of you may complain that never-ending college assignments never allow you to read the book you are waiting to read for so long, but at Make My Assignments, we try to provide you online assistance for your college assignments...

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Exams Time- Take the bull by the horns


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Students studying in every part of the world are facing the similar dilemma as the exams times have almost arrived. Those who have studied throughout the year may not be facing tremendous stress, but those who were not regular with their studies throughout the year have surely grown anxious by now. This is the time when most of us realize the importance of regular studies and promise ourselves to be consistent with our studies from the next session/ semester. But as soon as the exams go away, the promise also fades, and we get back to ground zero and do not take our studies seriously. This is a repetitive pattern of average students, and with time this pattern can be seen in other areas of their lives as well.

Here, I am not going into any preaching session to bore you but would share so...

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