Mystery behind Homonyms


There are three different routes to reach their place. There Vs Their. Yes, they are the HOMONYMS.


Homonyms are the words that have the same sound when they are pronounced, but have totally different meanings and also spelt differently.

There are three different kinds of homonyms, and sometimes even the experts find themselves caught in the dilemma attached to the homonyms and their usage. Some of the homonyms have the exact same pronunciation, but their spelling is different, for example; accept (to take) and except (to exclude). The second category of homonyms belongs to those words that have the same pronunciation and same spelling, but have different meanings altogether, for example; wind (to end) and wind (breeze)...

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Obstacles in Writing Assignments


Writing assignments are the big task in every student’s life. Preparing an assignment, submitting it and then waiting for the grades is a highly stressful period for the students. For getting good marks, writing a proper assignment is required. The assignments are given to the students to judge the level of knowledge they earned in the class by the teachers. It is not just worrying for the freshmen, but equally stressful for the sophomore and senior. Good assignment writing requires skills, knowledge, and dedication. There are lots of pressures in the student’s life, which affects them in making assignments. In this article we will discuss few problems, students face in making their assignments and how they can overcome them.


Doubting on your skil...

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Improve your Exam Performance


The academic stress can make even the brightest student underperform during exams.  They get nervous and could not score as expected. Maximize your marks by fine-tuning for the exam preparation. Lack of motivation, less preparation and planning, competition with peers and high expectation from others can lead to stress and reason for the downfall in the exams. With few techniques used, you can push yourself and motivate to improve your work.  Listening to the music, taking a quick walk, playing with your puppies, talking to some and so on can be very relaxing for exam preparation, but let’s face it you need more than this to prepare for your exams. Here we will discuss a few points, through which you can perform better in your exams.


With the proper planning, you can avoid s...

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benefits of multi-sensory learning



Human beings learn through different learning styles. Each individual use various learning channels and has strengths in the style of learning that works best for them. To develop a skill of gaining information it is important to strengthen their style of learning. For students to retain new information they must use as many channels as possible. Multi sensory can be classified in many ways.  Few people consider on the prerequisite of using both the right brain (creative, visual, artistic, emotional and spatial) and the left brain (sequential, verbal auditory and logical). This process helps a student in better understanding and controlling, if they add a creative process to learning...

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how to be a successful substitute teacher



The substitute teacher is one of the most important and challenging jobs in the academic field.  It takes an exceptional person to be able to acclimatize adequately to the every situation they confront as a substitute teacher.  Substitute teachers are appointed in every day in every school across the country. It is crucial for school administrators to devise a list of top level people who can substitute teach successfully. The two most essential characteristics that every substitute teacher must have is flexibility and adaptability as they can be called any day in a morning they are needed, and they could be replacing in a second-grade classroom one day and a high school class the next...

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Benefits of studying Finance



When one is entering college, the most important decision one has to make is deciding what field of study they want to pursue. If you choose a business with a major in finance, it will not only benefit you in acquiring a job but will also provide you with knowledge that you need to obtain a career in these areas. Studying finance, you will learn how to fund your money properly. You will have knowledge on how to invest your money wisely and save it and you won’t need to pay a financial advisor to do so. Companies worldwide are looking for the applicants with a finance background. Studying finance is not only a beneficial significant to obtain a desirable job, but it will also benefit your personal life for investing money, saving for education and your retirement.

If you are looking to ...

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Blended Learning: advantages and disadvantages


Blended Learning

The Blended Learning is the combination of e-learning with the traditional classroom methods and independent study, to create a new hybrid teaching methodology. Students attend face to face class with the teacher and also complete online components independently outside the classroom. Online learning is a part of the classroom-based course, which includes video-recorded lectures, live videos or text chats. Besides of working alone on online lessons, some students occasionally meet their teachers to review their learning progress, ask questions or discuss their work.


• The online and in-person learning go parallel and complement one another...

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how to improve your reading skills



Reading is a skill that every student must possess to become a better educated and skillful.  It provides the foundation for all types of learning, especially during the academic  years. It enhances your knowledge,  and it allows you to explicate and become involved in the world around you.  Because of the love of reading, students end up reading extra material about the topic being taught in the class. As a result, they are more active in their curricular activity and find solutions to the practical problems more quickly. In the professional education, students are required to do ample of reading, and if they are not in the habit of reading then they might find it overwhelming to read all the required texts...

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benefits of being a bookworm



Have you always been overwhelmed by reading books? Reading a book, in a way, makes you a part of the world. Through books, you can persistently learn and understand other people’s outlook and opinions, which can help you function in the reality. It materializes and has an intense effect on mental agility, the memory and our skill for imagination and compassion. Reading books can help ease the stress and aid sleep. In today’s modern world filled with smartphones and social media, most people don’t feel like sit longer and read a book, as it requires a lot of concentration. There are many benefits of being a bookworm. It is not only enjoyable but also has many health benefits.

Reading book is the ideal way to relax...

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communicating with your professor during office hours


College of Law students

The college is all about learning and growth. Professors play a significant role in the success of your academic life. Making a healthy relationship with your professors can help you keep your GPA up and better understanding your course material. Talking to your teacher is an essential part of a student’s life and if you haven’t spoken to your professor yet, and you must start now!

Having a real-time discussion with your teacher is vital for so many reasons. If you don’t understand any material, you don’t waste your time struggling with it and can straight up ask your professor about it.  You can get the extra information about the course that is not in the syllabus.  You start to feel more confident in your academic environment.

While talking to your professor, you should ...

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