Students and Politics


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Politics has always remained a hot topic for debate, and many people find it interesting. Not everyone can be a good politician as it requires a person to be a keen strategist and hard work in the initial stage. Politics has always remained one of the best career options for students, and that is why some students start taking an interest in politics from their young days, and by the time they reach a mature age, they are already well-established politicians.

The Merriam and Webster dictionary of English language defines politics as ‘the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy.’ At first, it seems interesting to know that the youth of a country is interested in the politics and they look forward to making a successful career out of it...

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Include Cinnamon in your diet to do well in Exams


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The year-end examinations are have almost arrived, and among all the tips and trickeries you may want to try that one useful method for improving retention energies is Cinnamon. The latest study has found that consuming this spice can smoothens one’s learning aptitude. It is usually sprinkled over dessert courses, include a drink or used in the cinnamon oil (therapeutic and cosmetic). Cinnamon is cherished for years for its flavor and value to food preparation; there are quite a few other benefits of cinnamon as well. Cinnamon is proved to be a beneficial spice that helps students in improving their intellectual abilities that will help them performing better during their exams. Make My Assignments has found out the benefits of cinnamon and compiled it for you...

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The most precious gift of God- Parents..


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 This article is written by an essay expert for Make my Assignment. The views expressed are personal views of the writer.

Remember, when we were kids we were fascinated with the fact that superheroes are for real. As kids, we wanted to be like our favorite superheroes. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. were our role models, and we wished to have superpowers the possessed. With time, we realized that they were a work of fiction and there are no superheroes in real life. Do you wish to go back to those days and live a life full of energy and enthusiasm? I miss those days of my life, and sometimes I even wish to go back and make the best of those golden days.

While reading an online article, I came across this thought and realized that most of us live in future...

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 Give wings to your ideas- Startups


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If you are a student, then this you should read this blog. Students have a lot of opportunities nowadays as compared to a few years ago. Earlier, the business models were concrete and the prospects to start something new were limited. But as globalization hit the world economies, it brought several opportunities with itself. These days, startup companies are entering into the corporate world, and a new entrepreneur is emerging. If you have seen the startups stories, you must have noticed that startups are established by young minds. The fresh college graduates, who have completed their formal education, are more inclined towards starting something afresh. The Universities of The United States of America are at the top when it comes to producing entrepreneurs...

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On the Correct Path


Clarity of purpose, appetite to learn or develop and commitment towards being a value addition to the social order are the three essential self-faculties for an individual’s all-inclusive learning and progress. Today, we have the autonomy of talking about ‘chasing your dream’ contrasted with a few years ago, when individuals considered themselves fortunate even to have a decent job.Image result for right career choice

The information technology is flourishing, which has set careers of many eligible candidates and is still continuing to do so, but at the same time, this has made people sightless towards other career prospects. In this furious haste of building a career in the IT industry, we see many individuals surrendering to peer pressure and end up with making career choices halfheartedly...

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Reciprocal Pronouns and Reflexive Pronouns


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What is a Reciprocal Pronoun?

Reciprocal pronouns are used to speak of two or more than two persons, who were or are the subject of the same verb, where all the individuals in the discussion are reciprocally getting or benefiting from the particular act in the same manner. Reciprocal pronouns at all times serve as the objects of the verbs, mentioning back to two or more than two people who are or were the subject(s).

In the English language, the two reciprocal pronouns are ‘each other’ and ‘one another.’ Traditionally speaking, each other is used for only two people, both of whom are engaged in performing a similar action, whereas one another is used where more than two people are involved in performing a similar work...

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Health benefits of Camping


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Outdoor activities play a significant role in keeping our mind and body healthy. It has been found that those, who go on regular travels and trips have more fit bodies than those who do not. Physical activities make our bodies more responsive and when the challenges we face during such time makes us stronger and responsible. Nature has a lot to offer to humans, and it depends on us, how we take help of the abundant gifts that nature offers to us. Though globalization has provided many opportunities to people regarding career growth and development, it has also forced us to stay occupied all the times. With the increase in business relations across the globe, people have become busier than ever, and they hardly get any time to understand the message sent by their souls.

Working hard to ac...

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February is here- Let’s talk about LOVE


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Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.

Madame de Stael

You get it right. Though February is the shortest month of the year, people wait for it all the year, especially the young people. As kids enter into their teenage, they are introduced to the concept of love and romance. As puberty hits, the young kids get a flavor of the romance. A lot of infatuations and some even get luckier and find their true love at such tender age. Many of you, who are reading this, will agree with me on that as we all have gone through it at some point. I have chosen this topic for today’s post as I feel February being the most romantic month of the year deserves a romantic post.

Through this post, we would walk down the mem...

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7 Benefits of having a pet


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Pets are great friends, and this fact needs no validation. Kids and grown-ups, both can enjoy the company of pets as the latter are loving and are truly devoted to their masters. It has been proved scientifically also that those who have pets are happier than those who don’t. Though the animals cannot speak or share their feelings, the way they express their love and devotion towards their masters is commendable. The little gestures displayed by these creatures to show their affection are enough to cheer up the mood of their masters. It has also been found that having a company of pets speed up the recovery of patients with acute illness...

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Some common part-time jobs for students


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This one blog is a must read for all the students, as it contains an appropriate solution to one of the most prominent problems every student face during their college life that is cash crunch. During college days, students have to spend money in a lot of activities, and most of the times students find the money they have is not sufficient. The pocket money you get from your parents is limited, but the expenses are unpredictable, and during such times it becomes difficult to handle the situation. The cash crunch is a common problem for students, but the good news is that there are some part-time jobs that you can do to avoid a cash crunch. For earning a little extra money, you need not have a diploma or a degree, but the part time jobs can be done using your capability and creativity...

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