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What is Plagiarism and how to overcome the issue of Plagiarism?

PLAGIARISM is one of the most critical elements in the life of a student that causes stress and anxiety among the students especially when they are writing assignments. Assignment writing is considered as an effective task because by writing plagiarism free assignment, a student can be judged on the basis of his expertise, and in-depth understanding in regard of particular…

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A brief Explanation of the Codes of Professional Conduct For Nurses In Australia

The NMBA has laid 10 codes of professional conduct according to which a nurse is expected to perform: The nurses must practice in a safe and a competent manner (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia, 2006) The first code of conduct requires the nurse to perform in a safe manner. If anyhow…

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Communication is leader’s most important skill

As said by James Humes “The art of communication is considered to be the language of leadership”. The statement clearly highlights that leadership is can’t be carried out in the absence of communication. It is universally accepted that good leaders are indeed communicators. Communication forms the medium to carry out leadership strategies and styles. Dealing with human behavior is considered…

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Our Leadership Style that makes us Different

Recently there was an event where there was urgent need to encourage women empowerment at a global pace. Here we came across many global incidences where women are highly suppressed from various important rights in many countries like Iraq, Arab nations, India, Pakistan, etc. The main aim was of their social safety and empowerment at international level by showcasing them.…

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Why most of the developing countries do not participate in WTO dispute settlement Mechanism

The main aim of the WTO dispute Settlement Mechanism is to facilitate the process of providing the developing countries to give access to the foreign markets and reap the benefits of the globalization without harming the overall interests of the developing countries. The dispute settlement mechanism of WTO is considered to be the most critical and successful system to safeguard…

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The costs of achieving equal pay for men and women would have an unacceptably negative effect on company profitability

The Almighty has created men and women to complete one another. His intention behind this biological difference is to make both of them equally important for another’s survival and also to compliment each other. Adam and Eve were always there for each other and Adam out of his love for Eve ate the forbidden fruit and both of them were…

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Transformational Leadership- An Effective leadership Style

Transformation literally means makeover while charismatic means alluring or appealing. These two qualities are required at the moment and would be best suited to the situation given. The team already has seen a leader who couldn’t do much and hence, a makeover is required, which can change or transform the inabilities of the team. The team has had a style…

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