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 Ten inspirational books for every student

 ‘Never put off till tomorrow the book you can read today.’ – Holbrook Jackson Students always yearn for becoming rational, and they want to learn as much as they can in their college days, which is a good practice. Enhancing one’s knowledge should always remain the top-most priority of people who want to do something meaningful in their lives. Reading…

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Include Cinnamon in your diet to do well in Exams

The year-end examinations are have almost arrived, and among all the tips and trickeries you may want to try that one useful method for improving retention energies is Cinnamon. The latest study has found that consuming this spice can smoothens one’s learning aptitude. It is usually sprinkled over dessert courses, include a drink or used in the cinnamon oil (therapeutic…

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The most precious gift of God- Parents..

 This article is written by an essay expert for Make my Assignment. The views expressed are personal views of the writer. Remember, when we were kids we were fascinated with the fact that superheroes are for real. As kids, we wanted to be like our favorite superheroes. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. were our role models, and we wished to have superpowers…

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 Give wings to your ideas- Startups

If you are a student, then this you should read this blog. Students have a lot of opportunities nowadays as compared to a few years ago. Earlier, the business models were concrete and the prospects to start something new were limited. But as globalization hit the world economies, it brought several opportunities with itself. These days, startup companies are entering…

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On the Correct Path

Clarity of purpose, appetite to learn or develop and commitment towards being a value addition to the social order are the three essential self-faculties for an individual’s all-inclusive learning and progress. Today, we have the autonomy of talking about ‘chasing your dream’ contrasted with a few years ago, when individuals considered themselves fortunate even to have a decent job. The…

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Health benefits of Camping

Outdoor activities play a significant role in keeping our mind and body healthy. It has been found that those, who go on regular travels and trips have more fit bodies than those who do not. Physical activities make our bodies more responsive and when the challenges we face during such time makes us stronger and responsible. Nature has a lot…

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7 Benefits of having a pet

Pets are great friends, and this fact needs no validation. Kids and grown-ups, both can enjoy the company of pets as the latter are loving and are truly devoted to their masters. It has been proved scientifically also that those who have pets are happier than those who don’t. Though the animals cannot speak or share their feelings, the way…

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