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Things to keep in mind while talking to your teachers

The student-teacher relationship has evolved with time. Earlier, teachers were given the place of God, and a poet of Indian origin, Kabir Das has placed the teacher higher than the God as the former has shown the ways to students toward the God. Good teachers are the ones who made the lives of their students and transform them into better…

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Disruptive Innovation- Meaning and causes

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Disruption as “a process that disturbs the normal development or movement of (something).” This meaning does not provide a positive image of Disruption, and anyone would see it in a negative sense. But from a business perspective, Disruption can have a positive connotation as well. Clayton Christensen wrote ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ in 1997, wherein he hosted…

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Why proofreading your assignment is necessary?

User Engagement: This post has been intentionally written with mistakes. Read till the end. You have written an assignment as required by your assigned work. Now your work for the day would have been completed, so you just need to turn on it and submit your assignment, right? No, STAY AND WAIT!  Step aside from your laptop, close your eyes…

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What is Plagiarism and how to overcome the issue of Plagiarism?

PLAGIARISM is one of the most critical elements in the life of a student that causes stress and anxiety among the students especially when they are writing assignments. Assignment writing is considered as an effective task because by writing plagiarism free assignment, a student can be judged on the basis of his expertise, and in-depth understanding in regard of particular…

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Communication is leader’s most important skill

As said by James Humes “The art of communication is considered to be the language of leadership”. The statement clearly highlights that leadership is can’t be carried out in the absence of communication. It is universally accepted that good leaders are indeed communicators. Communication forms the medium to carry out leadership strategies and styles. Dealing with human behavior is considered…

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Importance of Online Assignment Help

Order your assignments on Make My Assignments- a Premier Assignment help service in United Kingdom. We provide 100% Plagiarism Free assignments at affordable prices. The assignments are given to the students to test their knowledge and understanding that they have learned so far. Assignments are prepared using a lot research and references from several academic and non academic resources. These…

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